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The right fit comes first.

Raise the game for user-friendly eyewear shopping. Deliver advanced virtual fitting with the access and accuracy your customers expect.

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Any shopper, any device, always accurate

Virtual try-on options are becoming table stakes for eyewear providers. The next step? Evolving beyond aesthetics to a personalized, reliable sizing experience. Customers want confidence that their favorite frames will fit perfectly on their face—not just look good on the screen.

Veero answers the call with technology that creates a seamless virtual fit experience for iPhone, Android, and desktop users.

Improve your customers’ virtual experience, increase conversions, and decrease returns and product waste. Find out how simple it can be with Veero™ EyeSize.

Measure up to the competition

Fast integration and an intuitive user experience mean you can be up and running with Veero™ EyeSize in no time. If you do need help, our support team is always here for you.

Provide customers with accurate, user-friendly measurements:

• Face width
• Eye width
• Nose bridge width
• Temple bar length
• Pupillary distance

Need something different?Just ask!
Any facial measure you need can be incorporated.


Set a new standard for your eyewear fitting experience

Whether customers are fashion-forward, style loyalists, or somewhere in between, Veero™ EyeSize increases conversions by giving them more confidence in frame selection.


E-commerce providers

Options for hosted or bespoke cloud configuration

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Boutiques and small businesses

High-end experience and simple integration with e-commerce platforms



Comfort, speed, and ease-of-use for more efficiently serving in-store customers

Virtual fitting technology

Virtual fitting customers benefit from Veero’s proprietary, user-centric, cross-platform technology. Using a blend of computer vision, sensor fusion, and AI models, we generate accurate 3D-scaled models to deliver a frictionless and precise “best fit” experience.


At Veero, we embrace our obligation to positively impact the full ecosystem of stakeholders—from customers to employees to shareholders, and ultimately, to the world around us.

Veero™ EyeSize is an important tool in the battle to minimize product returns, reduce shipping waste, and maximize efficient use of resources.

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Making customer privacy a priority

As a trusted partner, we are fully transparent about our process for protecting, tracking, and ultimately destroying all raw data and customer-identifying information.

We’re not interested in profiting from the re-use of consumer data, and we aren’t affiliated with other retail technology companies. You never have to worry about your data being shared across competitors.

Why we do it

Your customers are changing their patterns of work, play, and purchasing, and we’re passionate about applying innovative, accessible tech to improve their shopping experience. Our technology was originally designed to help first responders and military personnel; now we’re focused on broader retail applications.

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