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The Veero leadership team brings together design-centered, entrepreneurial problem solvers who are committed to the full ecosystem in which we operate. The satisfaction of our customersand your customersis paramount, as are the needs of our employees, our shareholders, and our communities.

Our team was born out of the deep technology research capabilities of our parent company, Charles River Analytics. Although our operations are fully independent, we have the advantage of access to some of the most brilliant minds in AI, AR, and visionary software engineering.

Leadership team

Stan German

Stan brings to Veero a background in product design and a deep understanding of modern AI and robotic perception technologies. His design-centric thinking, technological acumen, and entrepreneurial mindset combine to provide a unique viewpoint on how to benefit the end customer, sales channels, and the eyewear industry as a whole.

A longtime consumer in the eyewear space himself, Stan struggled with the process and subpar results associated with shopping for glasses online. His collaboration with co-founder Michael Kim led him to adapt their existing AI stack to significantly improve the customer experience in the eyewear shopping process.

Stan is highly skilled in technology application. He is continuously expanding his toolset based on a decade of leading R&D work in fields such as structure from motion, deep learning, robot perception and vision, and human-machine interfaces, among others.

Michael Kim

As Chief Engineering Officer, Michael leverages a decade of experience applying AI technologies across a variety of environments, from austere computers onboard drones and vehicles to massive onsite and cloud-based GPU clusters. He is passionate about spearheading Veero’s rewarding and engaging engineering environment, with a particular emphasis on aggressive yet achievable results.

Michael has teamed with Stan over the past decade to explore the practical application of identified technologies to the many complexities of modern computing environments. He thrives in managing the challenges of machine learning and computer vision across heterogenous and distributed computing environments; from onboard embedded computers to mobile phones to adaptive, cloud-based CPU and GPU resources.

Michael’s career arc is based on achievements in combining highly skilled software engineering, including industry best practices in DevOps and CICD, with R&D topics focused on edge deployable deep learning architectures, structure from motion, sensor processing, and object detection and tracking.

Samuel Mahoney

Sam’s leadership role at Veero reflects his belief that technology is the conduit to better outcomes at the individual, community, and global levels. With a deep interest in startup and early-stage creation and investment, he is committed to a mission-driven business culture that delivers high ROI for customers, enriching experiences for employees, and net-positive impact for society.

Throughout his career, Sam has been responsible for both sides of the product relationship: researching, designing, and leading development of tech solutions for customers, and purchasing and implementing tech to support enterprise needs. In these roles, Sam developed skills vital to deep and continuous customer research and lean, customer-centric product development.

Sam has spent time as a software engineer, systems engineer, and mid- and senior management, primarily in defense R&D. Most recently, Sam has focused on business strategy and business systems, which he sees as networks of people and technology working toward value creation in business ecosystems. He spent seven years delivering infrastructure improvements in accounting, program management, product management, CRM, sales operations, capture management, and marketing.

Karen A. Harper
Board Member

Karen contributes significant technical and leadership expertise in her role on the Veero Board of Directors. She’s passionate about developing next era technology solutions, and she has an impressive track record providing strategic direction as President and Senior Principal Scientist at Charles River Analytics.

As Senior Principal Scientist, Karen leads programs on autonomy development for uncrewed systems, including real-time sensor processing for autonomous situation awareness and decision-making, as well as human-centered remote supervisory command & control solutions. Karen’s expertise also spans the simulation of human behavior and the development of advanced human-computer interfaces for complex systems.

Karen is a member of the Small Business Technology Council Board and the New England Innovation Alliance. She holds a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, and an MS degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, where her research focused on biologically inspired robot locomotion.

Donald S. Reynolds
Board Member

Don brings a background in financial management to the Veero Board of Directors. He serves as Vice President of Finance and Administration at Charles River Analytics and is responsible for a broad range of functions including finance, contracts, information systems, human resources, and facilities.

He has over thirty years of financial management experience, most of which has been in key management roles of high-tech companies in the Defense and Aerospace arena. Don’s areas of expertise are budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, contract administration, and project management. He received his BS in accounting from Kent State University and his MS in Finance from Boston University. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified Financial Manager.

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