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The evolution of e-commerce eyewear technology

All customers deserve access to the glasses that are truly the right fit for them.

That’s why the Veero® EyeSize virtual fitting solution is built on proprietary, user-centric, cross-platform technology that delivers a frictionless and precise experience with just a few swipes on any device.

Our technology advances the market beyond Virtual Try-On, which continues to suffer from gaps between the online process, customer expectations, and the final product delivered to their doorstep. Veero’s virtual fitting sessions instead provide more accurate fitting details, ensuring that shoppers receive merchandise that is the right fit every time.

How it works

Our flagship product, Veero® EyeSize, stems from technology that was originally conceived and developed to help first responders and military personnel.

Inside our app, we capture video along with sensor data that detects hundreds of datapoints for customer measurements.

Computer vision, fusion, and AI models combine to measure distances between important facial features and develop accurate scales.

Shopper measurements are seamlessly delivered as part of your existing customer experience.

The new seg height tool captures the distance in millimeters from the center of the pupil to the bottom inside edge of the frame; accuracy is essential for the corrective transitions that occur in progressive or multi-focal lenses. 

Raw video and sensor data is destroyed after the session and never leaves your user’s device. Only anonymized records of calculated measures are retained to improve our software services.

See how it all comes together for the perfect fit.


Customer privacy is essential to success

Privacy is as important to Veero as it is to our customers—and to yours.

As a trusted partner, we are fully transparent about our process for protecting, tracking, and ultimately destroying all raw data and customer-identifying information. We also have no ownership or organizational ties to other retail technology companies, which means your data isn’t at risk of being shared across competitors.

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