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EyeSize IRL
Powerful fit optimization
for in-store

Precision measurements
and frame recommendations

Discover a revolutionary way for your associates to deliver the ideal glasses to your customers with Veero® EyeSize IRL. Say goodbye to measurement errors  and hello to an accurate and personalized eyewear shopping experience.

EyeSize IRL is designed as a subscription-based, white-labeled application that can interface with existing optical Point-of-Service (POS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems or run standalone for retail outlets of all sizes. 

How it works

Streamlined eyewear selection and precision fit with EyeSize IRL

Quick and easy: With a tablet or phone running EyeSize IRL in your store, customers initiate their journey with a seamless check-in session. Within seconds, comprehensive facial dimensions are captured, laying the groundwork for a bespoke eyewear experience.

Personalized try-on: Guided by accurate measurements, your store associates curate a collection of frames suited to your customer’s individual style and facial contours. This try-on experience builds trust and confidence, as customers receive frames that fit perfectly with their unique features.

Precision for progressives: With the perfect pair identified, your store associate uses the tablet or phone running EyeSize IRL to capture quick, accurate, and consistent as-worn measures, including segment height. Seamlessly blending facial features with newly gathered data, we offer a level of optimized fit that sets your store apart.

Running EyeSize IRL on a tablet or phone immediately engages the customer and delivers quick, accurate, and consistent results to your store associates. Harness AI and join the retail pioneers already transforming their stores with Veero® EyeSize IRL.

See how it all comes together for the perfect fit.

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Customer privacy is essential to success

Privacy is as important to Veero as it is to our customers—and to yours.

As a trusted partner, we are fully transparent about our process for protecting, tracking, and ultimately destroying all raw data and customer-identifying information. We also have no ownership or organizational ties to other retail technology companies, which means your data isn’t at risk of being shared across competitors.

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